Curtis Wynne photo

Hi, This is Me

Curtis C. Wynne, Baha'i

Just one of six million people who believe
the world can and will be healed.

So what did you expect?

A wild-haired cultist?
If you ever heard that the Baha'i Faith is a cult,
it was from someone who either just doesn't understand
or who had a personal agenda.
(Please see my Letter to the Preacher)


I am ...

  • An ordinary person with ordinary dreams and goals

  • A father of five, three of whom I married into,
    and all of whom I love dearly

  • A grandfather of fifteen, all as handsome and beautiful
    as their parents

  • The fortunate husband of the most wonderful wife and mother
    that God ever placed on this planet

  • An experienced mine engineer

  • A former daily newspaper reporter, photographer and editor

  • A college graduate with a bachelor's degree
    in mathematics and science

  • A life-long student of the Spanish language (still learning)

  • A Bible Study class facilitator

  • A conscientious voter and taxpayer

  • A concerned citizen of New Mexico, the USA, and the world

  • Currently earning the bacon and house payment
    as an industrial safety engineer

  • A Certified Safety Professional

  • A junior college adjunct professor of photography and statistics

    ... and I sing 'Jingle Bells' when the mood strikes me any time of the year ...
    I have a philosophy that I believe is in keeping with my Baha'i values:

    "If you enjoy the Christmas Spirit only one month out of the year,
    you missed the whole point."

Invitation Rose

If you would like to be a Baha'i,
then please pick a rose.

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