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You May Contact Me by Email

Just follow these directions

The reality of the Internet brought literally thousands of pieces of spam to my mailbox when I had a simple "mailto:" link inserted on these pages for nearly a decade. Unfortunately, spammers didn't investigate the Baha'i Faith or Christianity while pulling my address off the pages with their computer programs. This email invitation page is an effort to keep the spam down so I can recognize legitimate contacts when they arrive. To send a question by email about the Baha'i Faith or any Christian issues
as perceived by this Baha'i, please follow these simple steps:

1. Open your email program
2. In the "To" line, type "cwynne19" followed by the "at" symbol and ""
3. In whatever subject phrase you choose, please use the word "Baha'i"
4. Insert your message and send the email.

I really enjoy receiving notes from readers.