(The Intercalary Days)

Ideas and Information
Some Collected by Sue Mitchell
and Posted Here by Permission
(others added later)


Prayer for Ayyam-i-Ha
Teacher Treats
The Seven Valleys Scavenger Hunt
The Ayyam-i-Ha Song
Ayyam-i-Ha: Days Outside of Time
Theme on the Ayyam-i-Ha Prayer
A Party-Fireside with Quotes and Recipies
Three Major Themes from Belgium
Decorate and Celebrate!
Six-Point Family Celebration
A "Happy Ayyam-i-Ha Card
A Time of Charity

Annual Family Fun Festival
Children Visit Australian Nursing Home
Good Cheer Letters
Fast Food
A Service Wreath
Nine-Pointed Mobile
Children's Party and Gifts
Share the Joy and Teach the Faith
Ideas Couched in Brevity, Page 1
Ideas Couched in Brevity, Page 2
Nine Weeks of Celebration ... Plus

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