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World Religion Day

Date: 1/28/01
From: knoxpa@cadvision.com (pat)
To: CWynne19@aol.com

I have to tell you how much I enjoyed going on your Baha'i Feast and Holy Days page. I notice you are doing something on other observances such as World Religion Day. If I may, I would like to share what our small community has done for World Religion Day.

Every year we gather together 3 or 4 speakers from different religious persuasions and hold a World Religion Day at the local United Church. We usually have some theme that holds the program together. We start with the Unity Prayer and an explanation of the purpose of the day.

This year our theme was service. We talked of ways in which service works in our lives. We had a young boy of 11 who came here from Bosnia as a refugee with his family when he was 5. He spoke of the Christmas Child shoebox program and how it affected him while he was in a refugee camp. His family is Muslim.

We had a video from a group of eye doctors (one of our local doctors included) who travel to developing areas to provide eye exams and treatment.

Our third speaker was a Baha'i who had lived in Haifa for 5 years and showed slides and spoke about service from the Baha'i perspective.

We had 30 people attend, with less than half being Baha'i. We advertise in the local paper, with posters and personally invite people. In the past we have had such themes as Family Life. All these programs have been very well received by the community at large.

Once again, thanks for the wonderful site.

Pat Palmer

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