When I Die
by Curtis C. Wynne, © 2000

I know where I'm going
    When I die.
I believe in Jesus --
    That is why.

Watch, pray and be ready,
    He said, for Me to show.
Oh, my preacher is watching,
    He'll let me know.

I will come as a thief in the night,
    Is what He said.
My preacher's awake, it's all right;
    I'm going to bed.

Some will cry "Lord, Lord" and I
    Never knew them,
I hear Him say.
But my preacher casts out devils
    In Christ's name, I'm okay.

Faith by grace is first, the Bible says,
    But judgement goes by deeds.
The devil believes in Jesus, too,
    Is "saved" among his needs?

A light begins to shine on me,
    Heartfelt doubts arise --
How could I think to really see
    With unopened eyes?

I let my preacher do the things
    My Lord told me to do.
Where I will go, I start to fear,
    The devil may be going, too.