Crucifying Him, Again
by Curtis C. Wynne, 2000

The Cause of Jesus and
The Cause of Baha'u'llah
Are the Same, equal in every way.

Before Abraham was, I am, He said.
Alpha and Omega --
Beginning and End --
Yesterday, today and forever.

Have we shut Him out by reason
Of His Name?

Emmanuel, it was to be,
The Mighty God, said the prophet,
And the Wonderful, and Counselor.
Jesus, meaning "He Who saves," He was,
Messiah, He was, too, meaning,
Christ, which He was as well;
The Son of Man, He called Himself;
The Spirit of God, He was called.
Baha'u'llah, He became,
The Glory of God, it means.
The Prince of Peace, from Hebrew text
The Word of God, from Revelation
The King of Kings, and
The Lord of Lords, forever, forever.

No other Name under Heaven?

"I will write on him My NEW name,"
He told the Revelator John.

Other names were given and known,
And will be known in time.
Lest we Crucify Him again.

Baha'u'llah, my Lord Jesus returned,
And every spiritual eye can see,
And every Christian knows His voice,
The good Shepherd's voice.
The same Gospel,
The same Gospel,
Volume Two.