That Jewish Cult II
by Curtis C. Wynne, © 2000

Another Day of God has come,
    A Comforter He gave us
To open all the Books, not some,
    'Tis His to love and save us.

From mount to mount, and sea to sea,
    From east to west He came,
As prophesied that it should be --
    The Son's new cult and Name.

They locked Him up and tossed the key,
    But could not stop His Word
Establishing His Sovereignty,
    The Father's Son is heard.

A cult, another cult, they claim;
    Eternal in the past,
He said, No different, but in name;
    Eternal, it will last.

The changeless Faith of God restored,
    His flock, for Truth, still die
In praise of God. They ill afford
    To let this Day go by.

Power sat on that great brow
    And kings would bow the knee;
His cross and chains behind Him now,
    He lived for you and me.

The Cause of Christ reborn this Day,
    The signs not so obscure,
A Jewish cult, and more, they say,
    Peace on earth, so pure.

Baha is shining round the world
    Glory be His Day;
Ten thousand angels' wings unfurled
    As millions bow to pray.