For Artists


Maximum width -- 600 pixels

Maximum height -- 375 pixels

Preferred format – JPG or GIF

Text Content: Any quote from the Writings of the three Central Figures of the Baha’i Faith, either lain over the art or to be inserted on the page with the art if the artist prefers not to lay the text on top of the art work. Please include source citation -- book and page number. (We started with Hidden Words and I was able to look up the source with little trouble, but expanding to other Writings makes it difficult to keep up with you if you fail to include book and page number.)

Art Content: We’re all Baha’is and I sincerely doubt that I will need to reject anything that might be inappropriate, but you’ll understand if I say up front that I promise a full and complete explanation if I ever do have to exercise editorial privilege.

Exceptions: Yes, of course, but see explanations below, then discuss them with me as you submit your work.

Attributions: We want to give you credit. If you send a photo and/or biography of yourself, I'll do my best to play it up.

Instructions and Explanations

First, it’s your art on display, so where you feel that these “instructions” detract from your work, you certainly should feel free to ignore them. Just be aware that I have to make it fit the best I can and anything I do to it will NOT make it look better, only the same or worse.

Set your imaging program to tell you how many pixels wide and high your art is. (There are so many programs out there that I’m not going to try to guess how to tell you to do this on your particular machine.) Resize your art, if necessary, to 600 pixels width. Your program should automatically change the height so the proportions remain the same. (If not, find whatever command is necessary to tell your program to keep your work proportional.) Check the height. If it’s over 375 pixels then resize again to 375 pixels high. This will reduce the width, as well.

Now, and not before, is the time to add words from the Writings on top of your art if this is the way you plan to display the Writings. (If you like, run your own tests to see how the lettering distorts when you change the size of the work.)

I can use either the JPG (aka JPEG) format or the GIF format on the web site. If I receive TIFF or BMP or anything else that my home computer will recognize (I’m not sure yet just how many more that might be), then I have to convert it. Because I’m more familiar with JPG, that is what I have been converting all of Laurie’s work to. I think there may be some file details lost in conversion, so I recommend, if you have the capability to send either JPG or GIF, please do so.

Major Notice (i.e., bottom line)

If you send art within my 600 x 375 pixels upper limit (less is okay), and if you send it in JPG or GIF format, then I won’t have to change it at all, and what you see before you send it should be what you get when you open up your browser to the Baha’i Art site.

Questions? Please feel free to write to me at "cwynne19 (at) yahoo dot com".