Baha'is and Christians worship the same God through the same Holy Spirit.

Breaking the Ice
Be a Baha'i
Christian Questions
Baha'i Art
Feasts and Holy Days

Tablet to the Christians
FAQ for Christians
'Things of the Spirit'
A Letter to the Preacher

My Praises
In Verse

Some Baha'i Teachings
Source of Teachings
Living the Baha'i Life
So Nobody's Perfect
7 Candles of Unity

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Christ returned with His promised New Name. These pages contain your invitation to investigate or worship with us.
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Your Baha'i Invitation

"This dawn illumines all who have lived on the face of the earth,
whether they are in the body or out of the body,
but those who are spiritually blind cannot perceive it." -- Esslemont

Investigate, then consider our Baha'i Invitation
Independent Investigation
of the Truth

An up-front invitation and some important details for the interested seeker of the Holy Spirit in the real world.

Christ promised to return as a thief in the night and with a New Name.

Answers that help Baha'is and Christians to understand their Lord, His religion, and how we practice it.

The Baha'i life includes worship, fellowship and joy in praise of God.
Feast & Holy Days

A resource for Baha'is desiring to enhance the 19-Day Feast or Holy Days.

Beauty is begotten through the Spirit.
Inspired Art

Art works inspired by Holy Scripture.

Invitation Rose

If you feel you are a Baha'i,
or would like to know more,
then please pick a rose.

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Baha'is of Hobbs, New Mexico

For the student or sincere seeker of the Spirit, there is an Ocean of literature
from virtually all of the world's major religions beyond this link.